Grip training workout


Today's workout is from my other website Mountain Strong Training.

The "why" is the most critical part of a training regime, if you don’t know the purpose of your efforts you are lost and will lose motivation. That's a fact. Being lost is ok, no judgment, we all lose focus sometimes.  Take a moment today to refocus your attention or dedicate to a new path. Remember you can always change direction down the road, but each training session needs its point of focus. This workout is written for Mountain Strongs elite rock climbers but can be useful for anyone who wants to up their grip game. In climbing, just like in life, sometimes to survive you just need to hang on.

When I  train I think about scary moments in the mountains, its the “why” of my workouts. It needs to be more than just looking good, that stuff fades too quickly. Think about the real world implications of what your training for, with that added focus its becomes much more accessible to persevere during a demanding workout. Find your reason for training before beginning today's WOD; it may be to be able to take care of your family in a time of crisis or to improve your skills in another sport during competition. 

The workout: 

Complete 1 round every 5 min for 25 min ( 5 rounds total ) 

Dead Hang on a hang board or something similar ( like the frame of a door ).

Hang for :07 sec / then let go and rest for :03 sec
Do this back to back for 10 rounds.

Immediately after the dead hang  ( we call this a superset ) 

Deadlift a barbell pre-loaded with your 1.25 x your body weight to the top position, then hold it at the top position with good form for as long as possible ( for me it between 20-50 secs depending on how tired I am )  

Don’t use a 50/50 grip. 

When you let go of the bar, rest until the next 5 min period begins and repeat the whole thing. This may start out easy but will quickly get very difficult as the little muscles in your forearms give out. 

You can scale the deadlift up or down based on ability, the focus here is not the deadlift but rather the hold at the end. Don’t underestimate how pumped your forearms will be by the 5th round. 


here is a video better explaining the WOD